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Grain Locations

Allied Cooperative has seven grain plants in six Wisconsin towns with a total storage capacity of 11.287 million bushels.  Facilities include:

Adams Location - The Adams’ facility is conveniently located on the south side of Adams for easy access. Adams has 1.687 million bushels of grain bin storage and has a ground bagging system to handle additional storage as needed during harvest. Adams has two 10,000 bushel per hour receiving pits, so it can receive 20,000 bushels per hour to get your trucks back in the field faster. The site also boasts a 4,700 bushel per hour tower dryer. Strategically located on the Union Pacific Railroad, the facility is in a prime location for access to rail markets.

Blair Locations – The Blair locations have a combined storage capacity of 2.7 million bushels. Having two locations in Blair provides Allied with operational flexibility to meet your needs and reduced wait times at harvest. Both locations currently feature 10,000 bushel per hour unloading systems.  In the plans for 2014 is a new grain dryer for the Blair East site, as well as increasing receiving capacity to get your trucks back to the field even faster. 

Mauston Location – The Mauston site is Allieds largest with 2.3 million bushels of storage capacity. The Mauston plant has the capability of receiving corn and soybeans at 10,000 bushels per hour simultaneously. Many bin sizes gives Mauston the flexibility to store all your commodity needs. Mauston has two tower dryers and an incredible total drying speed of 7,500 bushels per hour. Mauston also has multiple overhead loading bins to get your trucks in and out fast.

West Salem Location – The West Salem location is conveniently located just off of I-90. It has 1.65 million bushels of storage capacity with a 4,500 bushel per hour tower dryer. West Salem is able to receiving corn and soybeans simultaneously at 8,000 bushels per hour for a total receiving capacity of 16,000 bushels per hour. New for this year at West Salem is a remote scale, probe, and new grain office, which will reduce yard traffic and minimize wait times at the dump pit to get you in and out even faster.

Tomah Location – New in 2013 the Tomah site features 1.1 million bushels of storage capacity and was built with speed in mind to get your back to the field faster. It has 6,000 bushel per hour tower dryer and the ability to receive wet grain at 20,000 bushels per hour and still receive dry corn or beans at 12,000 pre hour. Strategically located on the Union Pacific Railroad, the facility is in a prime location for access to rail markets.

Wisconsin Rapids Location – The  Wisconsin Rapids location features 1.85 million bushels of storage capacity.  The site is conveniently located on the East side of Wisconsin Rapids 1 mile south of Hwy 54.  The site has 4 dump pits to keep lines to a minimum and dump multiple commodities at the same time.  The site is strategically located on the CN railroad and has a bulk weighing system that has the ability to load 25 railroad cars in as little as 3 hours. 


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