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Refined Fuels

At Allied Cooperative, we strive to provide our customers with the best service possible. We know you have more on your mind than worrying about whether your fuel tanks are full. With our automated fuel delivery, you can leave the worrying to us.

Utilizing Smart Site™ technology, a tank monitor records the amount of fuel in your tank throughout the day. When the fuel in your tank falls below a predetermined level, an order is automatically generated for delivery. GPS technology then directs the delivery truck to your tank location.

And with “deferred billing” you pay only for the fuel you actually use each month – much like you pay for electricity now.

We offer a variety of refined fuel products, including:

Ruby Fieldmaster™ Premium Ag Diesel Fuel - With Ruby Fieldmaster you can get 4.5% more power, based on actual field tests. A premium fuel, it is scientifically formulated to reduce harmful fuel system deposits. That means improved performance, better fuel economy, quicker starts and fewer emissions. With Ruby Fieldmaster you get guaranteed performance – in fact, it is backed by a 9 year/ 9,000 hour Total Protection Plan™ Warranty for qualified farm equipment.   

Roadmaster XL™Diesel Fuel - When you fill your rig with Cenex Roadmaster XL, you're miles ahead of standard diesel fuel. That's because Roadmaster XL is formulated exclusively for over-the-road diesel engines. In addition to reduced maintenance and downtime, Roadmaster XL is a smart, long-term economic fuel choice. Featuring a uniquely formulated, balanced additive package, along with a high-quality base fuel for highway use, Roadmaster XL's exclusive performance additives work together to provide maximum power and longer engine life.

Wintermaster™ Premium Diesel Fuel - A technologically advanced winterized diesel fuel, developed scientifically to keep you running during harsh winter conditions, as low as -30°F. Its highly advanced, low-temperature performance additive increases Wintermaster’s extreme low-temperature operability, while providing up to 5% more power and higher lubricity compared to No. 1 diesel blends.

TPP Warranty - Ruby Fieldmaster is backed by the best warranty in the industry. If you're using Ruby Fieldmaster and anything breaks on your equipment, the parts covered by the warranty will be fixed, free of charge. Ask us about the Total Protection Plan Warranty program for coverage details. Ruby Fieldmaster delivers:  

• 4.5% increased power
• Better fuel economy
• Lower maintenance costs
• Smoother, quicker starts
• 9.1% fewer emissions
• Less smoke


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