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Nematode Lab

Pest Pros is the only full service nematode testing lab in the Midwest and has been serving customers since 1984. Test results are reported with a "risk rating" to help determine what nematode management options should be implemented. We utilize a proprietary risk matrix to assess the combined effect of all parasitic nematode forms in the sample. The Pest Pros lab is supported by a knowledgeable field staff with hands on experience diagnosing and managing nematode problems. We offer one week turn- around time on most samples.

Our services include:

Universal Row Crop Nematode Assay: A complete approach to assessing the nematode risks in the rotation, including SCN and all parasitic forms on corn, beans, wheat and forages. Sampling occurs on the soybeans in the rotation and uses a standard soil test for nematodes.

Standard Soil Nematode Test: Sample any crop during the growing season for trouble-shooting or future planning.

Active-Passive Nematode Test: Sample pre-plant to make real-time management decisions.

Standard Root Test: Provides more targeted nematode information on root inhabiting forms including, Root Lesion, Lance, Cyst and Root Knot nematodes.

Soybean Cyst Egg test: Provides egg counts per unit of soil to compare to published thresholds. You can split soil fertility samples to avoid additional sampling cost and labor.

Sampling Services and Sampling Guidance: For a fee sampling services within our service area, or where sample volume justifies the travel. Guidance on sampling procedures is provided below or over the phone.

Nematode Management Recommendations: We can offer some limited advice over the phone at no charge. A more in depth advisory in written form is available, subject to a per hour fee.


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