Our History

Our co-op became Allied Cooperative in April 2013. And while the name Allied is relatively young, our co-op is anything but.  Our roots go way back … back to a time when the United States had just entered World War I … in 1918 the West Salem community was busy rebuilding from a devastating community fire, while its area farmers were joining together to create Farmer’s Co-op Shipping & Supply Association. A year later, in a little town called Kilbourn, Wisconsin (which was later named Wisconsin Dells) the Kilbourn Co-op Exchange was formed. 

1920 was a tumultuous time – prohibition began, Adolf Hitler made his first public political speech.  The world was still at war.  But in a central Wisconsin town called Tomah, a group of farmers joined together to gain some stability in their farming operations.  Together they created Tomah Farmer’s Co-op Elevator Company .

The Mauston Farmer’s Co-op started just one year later.  In 1922, a time when radio was just becoming popular.  Listeners from across the U.S. tuned in one of only three radio frequencies.  Our closest radio station was Chicago.

In 1947, the introduction of television was taking the country by storm.  The world series was being televised for the first time.  The Yankees won.  It was an exciting time.  And for a small group of farmers in Adams, Wisconsin it was exciting as well.  For they were busy building a cooperative that they believed would serve their community for years to come.  That cooperative was Farmer’s Union Co-op.

In the late 1950s, Elvis was heating up the charts … and Farmer’s Central Co-op of Mindoro was heating up Trempeleau County with their its newly founded energy co-op.

In 1983, Tomah Farmer’s Co-op merged with Tomah Co-op Oil Association and became Tomah Co-op Services.

In 1992, Farmer’s Co-op of West Salem purchased AG Cooperative properties in Galesville and Melrose, expanding their territory to the north.  Then in 1996 they merged with Farmer’s Central Co-op of Mindoro to further expand their reach.  

In 2001, Farmer’s Union Co-op in Adams and Mauston Farmer’s Co-op (which had previously merged with Kilbourn Co-op Exchange) joined forces in order to better service central Wisconsin with its wide array of products and services.  The merged cooperative was renamed Wisconsin River Co-op.

In 2006, Tomah Co-op Services purchased Rasmussen Oil expanding their fuel operations.

In 2012, Farmer’s Co-op of West Salem and Tomah Co-op Services merged.  At the same time, Wisconsin River Co-op was looking at building a new fertilizer and grain facility in Tomah to better meet the needs of its customers in the Tomah area.  Recognizing that two cooperatives in the same town was not a good scenario for either co-op, the boards of Wisconsin River Co-op and Farmer’s Co-op Supply and Shipping Association began merger talks. Both co-ops recognized that by joining together we could improve the utilization of our facilities and equipment, add efficiency to our sales and delivery routes, and better position ourselves for growth.   In April 2013 the merger was complete.  Later that year the co-op purchased grain facilities in Blair and Wisconsin Rapids.

In January 2015, Arcadia Co-op joined Allied Cooperative.  With a shared commitment to our members, employees and the communities we serve, together we look forward to growing our cooperative and better meeting the expanding needs of our members.

Our co-op has underwent much change over the years, but our commitment to our members and the co-op tradition has stood the test of time.  It’s a tradition we are proud of and one that we plan to continue well into the next generation. 

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