Increase Yield Responses

Jun 15, 2021

Farmers who get high yields with alfalfa recognize its importance in the profitability of their farm.  Achieving top yields requires some attention to details ...

Every ton of forage removes 50 units of potassium, 15 units of phosphorus, and 5 units of sulfur. If you plan to harvest 5 tons per acre of hay in a season, you will need 400 pounds of potash, 150 pounds of 18-46-0, & 150 pounds of Cal-sul. If you haven’t applied any fertilizer yet, it’s not too late. 

We highly recommend Max-In® Boron. An effective foliar product, it supplies boron, which is vital for increased plant health and growth. Max-In Boron plant nutrients can be used in a broad spectrum of crops and contains a patented, crop-based adjuvant for maximum nutrient efficacy. 

Boron is essential to nitrogen metabolism and increased flowering and fruiting.  It increases cell division and differentiation, nodulation health in legumes, and the movement of sugars and carbohydrates in the plant.  Max-In boron plant nutrients help increase the absorption of boron in the plant for better crop production.

You may also wish to consider a fungicide application.  We have had good results with fungicide on alfalfa, this will protect your lower canopy from disease and help increase your yields. 

Always be on the lookout for insect pressure. Potato leaf hoppers are mid to late season pests. These lime green wedge shaped insects suck sap from plants and inject toxins in leaves creating a yellow wedge shape on the tip of the leaves. Yield and quality are lost even before symptoms appear. 

New seeding fields are targets, bugs will migrate to those fields when the hay around them are harvested. Our interns would be happy to do sweeps on your fields.  If an insecticide is needed, this would be a perfect opportunity to add MAX-IN® Boron if not applied with the dry fertilizer application. 

Let us help you find your yield robbers!  Allied Cooperative can assist you in sweeping your fields.  For more information contact your agronomy advisor or email

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